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 51DR035 Dragon #35 Must a scroll with spells be read aloud for the spells to work?  Yes, unless the scroll has a curse on it and just reading the scroll silently will cause the curse to take effect 
 52DR035 Dragon #35 How can I spice up my D&D game? My players, as well as myself, are tired of going on dungeon and outdoor adventures. I don’t have any city maps and I really don’t want to bother with them, so what else is there left to do?  Well, you can ask your players what they would like to do. They probably have all kinds of ideas. In my campaign I had a similar problem, and now one of my players is trying to become Pope. So, just ask them. I am sure they would be more than glad to help. Remember, they are not the enemy. They are your friends and more than likely they will be glad to stick their nose into the campaign and give you their advice. It is only human nature to do so. 
 53DR035 Dragon #35 In AD&D, can a character wear armor over armor? For example: padded or leather armor under splint, banded, chainmail or platemail; or even chainmail under platemail? If this can be done, how would it alter the armor class?  No. The armor (splint, banded, etc. ) already has parts of lower armor classes built into it. Therefore, plate mail will have leather padding (to reduce strain) and chainmail to cover areas not protected by the plate. Splint and banded often have a leather backing. Chain will have leather padding in places where the weight of the armor falls. Without this protection, heavy armors would soon become uncomfortable and painful, as the metal would chafe and cut the skin. Also, wearing two layers of armor would make it very difficult for the character to bend or move. Armor classes are not cumulative in this way. 
 54DR035 Dragon #35 Can Thieves be chaotic good? I have three players who are, and we are wondering if they will have to make an alignment change. We are also wondering whether or not this alignment change is considered voluntary on their part? If it is, will I have to make them drop a level?  Thieves can be neutral or evil, but not good. In this situation, I don’t think you should force them to make an alignment change. Just have them become their new alignments as if they have always been of that alignment This way they won’t be penalized for not reading their Players Handbook, but the next time they don’t read the book, don’t show them any mercy—unless, of course, you goofed too. 
 55DR036 Dragon #36 Must all characters that can use magic record their spells on books or scrolls in order to remember them?  If the characters are spell casters, yes; some of them must record their spells on books. Only Clerics and Druids get theirs each day through prayer and meditation. Magic-Users and Illusionists must keep one or more spell books. Some people like the idea of all spells being contained in one book, while others, including myself, like the idea of one book for each level of spells. How many spell books you will have and what size they will be is up to the DM of the game you play in. 
 56DR036 Dragon #36 Can a Paladin put someone to death if the victim is severely scarred and doesn’t want to live?  Absolutely not! The Paladin would try to find a reason for the person to live, if not with the world, then shut away doing religious work where those who benefit from the aid would not care what he looks like. The Paladin would also do all that he could to see that the character did not succeed in taking his own life. 
 57DR036 Dragon #36 I am a 12th-level Paladin and I want to start a lineage. Is this possible? Can my Paladin get married, and if so, can he have children?  Well, most believe that Paladins practice celibacy. I firmly uphold this belief and will not allow my Paladin, Guinivere, to marry. This is a personal decision, or it can be made by your DM for you. Even if they don’t marry, I am quite sure that Paladins are capable of having children. 
 58DR036 Dragon #36 How does a first-level Magic-User get spells in his first-level spell book? Also, what obligations does he have to his master for his spell book?  A first-level Magic-User gets his spells placed in his spell book by himself or his mentor by way of a Write spell. This is the way he places all his spells in his spell books. As to his obligations to the Magic-User who was his master, that is between them. I myself am cleaning up after a 10th-level Magic-User’s young black dragon twice a week in return for a book of third-level spells. 
 59DR036 Dragon #36 Why can’t demi-humans be Sages?   Demi-humans can be Sages. However, they are not as readily available as humans. Demi-humans are especially not interested in answering adventurers’ questions. 
 60DR036 Dragon #36 In the Dungeon Masters Guide it says that rechargeable items can be recharged and yet it says elsewhere that once they are used up, they can’t be recharged. Please clear this up for me.  Any items that are rechargeable have to have one charge left in them to be recharged. To recharge them, you cast spells at them. One major problem with such items is that one is never sure how many charges they have. 
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