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 1DR031 Dragon #31 I have just bought the new DUNGEON MASTERS SCREEN, and it says that monks attack on the cleric’s table. But in the PLAYERS HANDBOOK it says that they fight on the thief's table. Which is it?  Monks attack on the cleric’s table. A last-minute change by the staff members who worked on the DUNGEON MASTERS GUIDE was made, reasoning that it would be better for the balance of the game if monks attacked on the cleric’s table. We realize the change is going to cause some problems and we are doing all we can to ease the confusion. The monk, however, still saves on the thief 's table. 
 2DR031 Dragon #31 In ADVANCED DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS, how much damage do bows do?  None. Bows do not do damage, arrows do. However, if you hit someone with a bow, I’d say it would probably do 1-4 points of damage and thereafter render the bow completely useless for firing arrows. What the bows do is allow a greater variety of ranges; all the damage done by arrows is the same 
 3DR031 Dragon #31 We have a group of players here who insist that they can ride on a mule in a 10-foot-wide and 10-foot-high corridor and shoot arrows from longbows. Now, there are two characters who say they ride side by side and do this over the objections of the rest of the party members. I think this is wrong. Am I right?  Yes, you are correct. First, you cannot shoot arrows from a longbow in a dungeon that has 10-by-10-foot passageways. Longbows are indirect fire weapons and you need lots of space to use one. Second, as for the men: From your letter, I gather that they are wearing plate mail. It would be extremely difficult to ride side by side in a corridor this size with two nervous mules and two fully armored men. The mules are not strong enough to carry what a war horse is supposed to carry. Mules are mostly used as pack animals. Also, firing from the back of an animal is hard enough and to fire a longbow from one is impossible. 
 4DR031 Dragon #31 In our town of Terre Haute, there is an eighthlevel paladin that has a favorite saying, “Repent or Die.” On one occasion he pulled back the arm of a captured orc, placed a Ring of regeneration on his finger and then ripped his face off. When the orc’s face healed, he would do it again. He says he has a valid right to do this, because torture was very much a part of the inquisition and he is saving the orc’s soul. This raises two questions. First, is the paladin still a paladin and if not, is he changed forever?  Inform the paladin he isn’t one any more. His new alignment is now lawful evil. Paladins tend to frown upon torture of any kind for any reason and would not let it be done in their presence, let alone do it themselves. Good and the process of law must be followed. Everything a paladin does must obey laws of good and thereby insure that all are treated fairly and just. Granted, a lot of cruel and heartless things have been done in the name of religion, but that doesn’t mean that it was good or right. Men have always done strange things for even stranger reasons. For the paladin to have tortured the orc was an evil act, and therefore he has given up the right to be a paladin. I suggest that he not be allowed to regain it, either, but if you decide to let him, make sure the quest is long, hard, and nearly impossible to accomplish. 
 5DR031 Dragon #31 In GODS, DEMI-GODS AND HEROES it says that a forty-plus level character is ridiculous. In our game we have two characters that are at one thousand-plus level. This happened in “Armageddon,” a conflict between the gods and the characters. Of course, the characters won. What do you think about that?  Not much. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I will repeat: A forty-plus-level character is ridiculous. We feel that you must advance one level at a time, not a whole bunch at once. I don’t understand how or what happened or even if all the gods were in this battle, but if you enjoy playing this way, feel free to do so. I don’t want to spoil your fun. 
 6DR031 Dragon #31 A couple of friends and I are planning on taking over our DM’s island. So far our plan is working. Unfortunately, we have encountered some problems. What we want to know is how to spawn orcs? We need an army at the moment.  Orcs are mammals and therefore do not spawn. You will have to find some other way to raise your army. 
 7DR031 Dragon #31 In the AD&D PLAYERS HANDBOOK, under the Read Magic spell, it says that scrolls must have the spell cast upon them before they can be read by the Magic-User. What does a magic-user do if he doesn’t have a Read Magic? What about the poor illusionist who has no Read Magic spell at all, except perhaps as a seventh-level spell? Furthermore, what do clerics do about scrolls? Do they have any?  In the DUNGEON MASTERS GUIDE, it says that all magic-users know the spell Read Magic. They would be worthless to their master (from whom they learned the profession) without it. Illusionists don’t need a Read Magic. as all of their spells are written in the same secret language. This also applies to clerics. even though their spells are god-given, so yes, clerics can have scrolls. 
 8DR031 Dragon #31 Do rangers automatically get a first-level spell book, rolling for spells as does a first-level magic-user, or must they research them and build from scratch?  Rangers must research their spells. They just don’t wake up one morning and say, “Why, I can cast spells now!” When the ranger reaches the 8th level, he discovers he has the ability to learn druids’ spells as he does for magic-users’ spells at 9th level. Whether he learns them or not depends on how successful his attempts are. 
 9DR031 Dragon #31 Will the new attack matrix (armor class system) in the DUNGEON MASTERS GUIDE work with the MONSTER MANUAL?  Yes, it will. All D&D material that says ADVANCED DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS is meant to be used together. You will have no trouble playing the monsters with the attack tables found in the DMG. 
 10DR031 Dragon #31 When will Q1, QUEEN OF THE DEMONWEB PITS, be released? I am really looking forward to playing in it.  Q1 is being written by Dave Sutherland, TSR’s Art Director. Dave has a lot of demands on his time and is working on it as often as he can. We are very short-handed in the Art Dept. and I cannot say when Q1 will be ready for release. 
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