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 101DR043 Dragon #43 Are giants entitled to save vs. death magic when struck by a Hammer of Thunderbolts?  No. The power of the weapon, when used by a being with Gauntlets of Ogre Power and a Girdle of Giant Strength, is so awesome that it will automatically destroy a “normal” giant. However, giants with unusual powers or strengths like Surtur, Thrym or Mordagz (see Deities & Demigods) will only take the proper amount of damage from a successful strike. 
 102DR043 Dragon #43 Are creatures entitled to a save vs. death magic when hit by an Arrow of Slaying?  No. 
 103DR043 Dragon #43 Are creatures entitled to save vs. level loss when hit by a wight, wraith, spectre, etc.?  No. 
 104DR043 Dragon #43 If a 2nd-level illusionist casts Color Spray at two bugbears, what happens?  A bugbear has 3 hit dice and is thus one level above the level of the caster. According to page 94 of the Players Handbook, the monsters do get a saving throw, and if they fail it they will be blinded for 1-4 rounds. 
 105DR043 Dragon #43 When the Dungeon Masters Guide or Players Handbook states that high-level clerical spells are only given by a deity directly, does that mean directly each time a cleric wants to recharge a high-level spell, or directly only the first time, upon acquiring a new level?  In Deities & Demigods it is stated that the gods punish their clerics’ transgressions by withholding higher-level spells when they do wrong. From this, it can be inferred that it is necessary for a cleric to make a new appeal to his/her deity for a spell of third level or higher every time such a spell is desired. 
 106DR043 Dragon #43 Does one saving throw, apply to multiple attacks (e.g. If three ghouls hit one character simultaneously are three saves necessary to negate paralyzation?)?  The act of rolling a saving throw is the end result of the concept that there is a chance for an occurrence to not adversely influence a character for one reason or another. In the case of three ghouls making paralyzation attacks, there are three separate chances to be influenced by the magic of the ghouls and thus a need for three separate saving throws. Just because a character is lucky enough to resist the influence of two ghouls does not mean that the luck he has will or will not run out with that third attack. 
 107DR043 Dragon #43 May a Paladin initiate melee or must he/she wait for provocation?  Just because a character or creature is lawful good does not mean they will allow themselves to be placed in positions where they can be taken advantage of. When dealing with beings that are not lawful good, they will not only be constantly on their guard, they will also deal with them as they would be dealt with by those of other alignments. They will not allow a demon the first strike just to be sporting, or let a band of orcs have the first arrow shots just because they are far weaker than the paladin, or let a beautiful neutral illusionist cast a spell on them just because she is a woman (or pretty). The class survives because it innately knows how to deal with other alignments and not be tricked by the lawless ways of others. 
 108DR043 Dragon #43 An elf magic-user has reached maximum level, and the player has decided to polymorph the character into a human so he can continue to gain levels. Can he do this?  No, he cannot. He may look like a human, but he is still an elf in reality, and therefore racial limitations still apply. 
 109DR043 Dragon #43 Will a Dispel Magic spell remove an Anti-Magic Shell?  No. 
 110DR043 Dragon #43 I’m worried about my characters not being as powerful as the other characters in tournaments. What type of character will I need to improve my chances of winning?  Don’t worry. No characters from campaigns are allowed to be entered in important tournaments. Characters are provided for players in such events, to ensure that no one character is the most powerful and that all players entered have a chance at winning. 
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