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 111DR043 Dragon #43 How do I handle monsters like Asmodeus, Baalzebul, Demogorgon, etc. who have hit points given, but not hit dice? I don’t know what level they fight, cast spells, or save at.  Using the procedure described for golems (Monster Manual, page 47), hit dice for any monster not given a hit-dice number can be calculated by using 4.5 points per hit die divided into the given hit-point total and rounding the result to the nearest whole number. For example, a clay golem (50 HP) is considered as an 11- hit-dice monster. Asmodeus (199 HP) is considered to have 44 hit dice, and Juiblex (88 HP) is treated as a monster of 20 hit dice. 
 112DR043 Dragon #43 If a fighter has a basic dexterity score of 16 but needs a dexterity of 17 to change classes and become a thief, can he become a thief if he has a magic item that raises his dexterity to 17?  No. If he raises his dexterity to 17 by a Wish or by drinking a potion whose effects are permanent, or by any other means which bring about a permanent change, then it is permissible to change to a thief. Simply possessing a magic item that raises dexterity to 17 is not enough, since the raise in dexterity would no longer apply if the character lost possession of that item. 
 113DR043 Dragon #43 At what level does the Hand of Vecna operate for the purposes of overcoming magic resistance?  21st level. 
 114DR043 Dragon #43 Are Haste spells cumulative?  No. 
 115DR043 Dragon #43 If a character is held in a Rope of Entanglement, can he still cast a spell which requires a pointed finger?  He cannot cast any spells while entangled. Spell-casting requires absolute concentration. No other action can be attempted or accomplished while casting a spell, and it is not possible to cast a spell while otherwise engaged. 
 116DR043 Dragon #43 If you caught a newly hatched silver dragon and raised it, would it have your alignment or its mother’s alignment?  It would retain the alignment of its parents, since that is what its natural tendencies are. 
 117DR043 Dragon #43 On the cover of the Monster Manual there is a creature flying just above the centaur and the unicorn. What is it?  According to Dave Sutherland, the artist who painted the cover, it is a red dragon. 
 118DR043 Dragon #43 What are the armor class, hit dice, etc. figures for the snakes in the clerical Sticks to Snakes spell?  According to Gary Gygax, these are the figures that should be used:
Poisonous Constrictor
MOVE 15” 12”
 119DR043 Dragon #43 As listed in the Monster Manual, the larva and the su-monster have incomplete alignments. What are they supposed to be?  The larva’s alignment is neutral evil, and the su-monster should be chaotic neutral. 
 120DR043 Dragon #43 The mind flayer is listed in the Monster Manual as having psionic attack mode B, which is described in the Players Handbook as Mind Thrust. However, in the description for the mind flayer, it is described as a mind blast. Does this mean that the attack mode should be A, Psionic Blast, instead of B, Mind Thrust?  Yes. The mind flayer’s psionic modes should be listed as A/FGH. 
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