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 131DR046 Dragon #46 Why should Druids be able to wear leather armor, since it is made of the hides of the animals they worship?  Druids do not worship animals, they worship all aspects of nature. This includes the “survival of the fittest” process, whereby some animals are killed to provide food, protection, or some other benefit for another species. Since the Druid is as much a part of nature as the things which make up his environment, it is quite natural for a Druid to use the remains of a fellow creature for food, armor, or whatever. 
 132DR046 Dragon #46 Do you get experience points for a monster you are quested/geased to kill?  Yes. The awarding of experience points is in part designed to credit characters with actual experience -- that is, the proven ability to face a life-threatening or potentially harmful and overcome the obstacle it represents. Any time a character performs such an action, he/she is presumed to have learned from the experience, and receives experience points to signify that “betterment.” Since a character under the influence of a Quest spell or a Geas spell is presumed to be conscious of his/her actions and capable of remembering events after they take place, it follows that experience points should be awarded to that character in normal fashion for any worthy deeds done while he/she was enspelled. 
 133DR046 Dragon #46 What happens when a cornered (as in a deep pit) undead creature is turned?  The act of turning undead (by a good Cleric) compels the victim to turn directly away from the Cleric and move as fast and as far away as possible for 3-12 rounds. When it is physically impossible for the creature to keep moving away, it will retreat to the most remote (from the Cleric) location in the area and continually face away from the Cleric and his/her holy symbol. 
 134DR046 Dragon #46 Do Clerics with 18 Strength qualify for exceptional Strength? What about multi-classed characters? Double-classed humans?  Only characters who are Fighters or have the Fighter class as one of their classes can qualify for an exceptional strength rating. Furthermore, several races and genders of races are by their nature unable to achieve an 18 Strength, and thus do not qualify for the exceptional rating even if they are Fighters. These types include all females except for humans and half-orcs, plus male halflings. 
 135DR046 Dragon #46 Does a Luck Blade sword give a +1 “to hit” in combat?  No, it only gives +1 to saving throws. 
 136DR046 Dragon #46 What would happen if you placed a full Bag of Holding into an empty Bag of Holding? I want to be able to carry as much treasure and magic as I can without encumbering myself. Do you think this is a good idea?  This is an interesting idea, and one which I discussed with the TSR Hobbies, Inc. Design Dept. We have all agreed that if a full Bag of Holding is placed in an empty one, only one more small (ring-sized) item could also be placed in the second bag. Since all Bags of Holding are made by the same sort of magic, they do not work in their normal fashion with respect to other bags. So, once a full bag is placed in an empty one, the second one becomes full also, except for the single, small extra item that may be fit inside it. 
 137DR046 Dragon #46 It states in the Monster Manual (under Quasit) that Clerics can have familiars. How do Clerics go about obtaining these familiars, and what is available?  The description under Quasit in the Monster Manual does not imply that all Clerics can have familiars; it merely says that the Quasit is a particular creature which may serve as a familiar for a Cleric of chaotic evil alignment. The question of whether or not any other sort of Cleric can have a familiar, or precisely which creatures might be able to serve in this capacity, is left to the DM. If a DM rules that Clerics may be entitled to have familiars, it is suggested that they only be granted by a Cleric’s deity to a worshipper who has remained faithful to that deity for a long, long time, and as reverently as possible has fulfilled the requests and requirements of that religion. 
 138DR046 Dragon #46 Do Paladins and Rangers have to have special gods to pray to in order to obtain their spells? Do their gods have to be patron gods of Paladins and Rangers?  No. The only absolute restriction on the selection of a deity by a Paladin or Ranger is based on alignment -that is, the character’s god obviously cannot be of an evil nature. While a Paladin could be expected to only pay homage to a lawful good deity, in general it would be possible for a Ranger (for example) of neutral good alignment to pray to a chaotic good deity. 
 139DR046 Dragon #46 What does “vorpal” mean?  It comes from the nonsense phrase, “and the vorpal blade went snickersnack,” written by Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland. In the D&D® and AD&D™ rules, it is a word used to describe an extremely sharp (magical) sword or blade. 
 140DR047 Dragon #47 My friend and I had a dispute about whether or not a Paladin will go on an adventure with neutral good characters. I say no, because on page 24 of the Players Handbook it says “...they (Paladins) will associate only with characters and creatures of good alignment.” I would like to know who is right.  Your friend is right. Neutral good is a “good alignment,” just as lawful good and chaotic good are. Although a Paladin greatly prefers to associate with none other than lawful good characters and creatures, it also notes on page 24 of the Players Handbook that “paladins can join a company of adventurers which contains non-evil neutrals only on a single-expedition basis.” 
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