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 21DR032 Dragon #32 I am having a romance with a god, but he won’t have anything to do with me until I divorce my present husband. How do I go about divorcing my husband?  I was kidding when I told my mom I was going to be the Dear Abby of D&D players. Oh, little did I realize . . . A divorce is hard to get. It is almost unheard of except for royalty. Also, you donít really want to be married to a god (or goddess, for that matter, guys). He will take you to the heavens and lock you away in his castle where he can keep you out of harmís way. It has to be this way. If it isnít, then you would become too powerful a character. You would have a god at your beck and call and that would unbalance the game. 
 22DR033 Dragon #33 I have waited anxiously for the release of the Dungeon Masters Guide. However, I lack one important piece of information—what is its price? Also, what is a Dungeon Masters Screen? If I don’t get an answer soon, they are going to feed me to the dragons. Oh yes, and where can I get them?  Heaven forbid, I wouldnít like to see you fed to the dragons. You can purchase a DMG and a DM screen from Dungeon Distributors, POB 756, Lake Geneva WI 53147, for $15 plus $1 for shipping and handling. (Prices are subject to change without notice.) I suggest that you try your local hobby shop first and then contact us if it doesnít have them. A Dungeon Masters Screen is a shield that has all the combat and saving throw tables on one side, and a very nice piece of art and the tables of the different class levels on the other. 
 23DR033 Dragon #33 There is this character (a Magic-User) being refereed by an inexperienced DM. Because of his lack of knowledge, he let the character advance in levels too quickly. He also has 86 magic items. By the time the character got to 34th level, the DM had learned from his mistakes and proceeded to try to kill the powerful character. He tried a Ring of Transference, and when that didn’t work he hit him with 2000 (100% magic resistant) thieves. Is it within the D&D or AD&D rules for a DM to deliberately try to kill a character?  NO, it is not. There are classier ways to handle a ďmonsterĒ that you have created. One of the best ways, I feel, is to inform him that because of his high level he is now a member of the city council and therefore must aid in the running of the city. This, if done properly, will prohibit the character from further adventuring. The city elders certainly would not want nor like their high-level Magic-User running around in some dangerous old dungeon. When this happens, reassure the player that his character isnít dead, just retired, and he canít play him anymore. The character should then fall into your hands and become a non-player character subject to your will and yours alone. However, you can ask advice from the player whenever a situation arises where you arenít sure how the character would react. This will give the player a feeling that the character still belongs to him. A DM should be creative. Find things for the powerful character to do. Get him involved with politics. There are many ways to keep a character busy. The character could have sons and daughters to continue the blood line. A word of warning: Donít let any of the characterís magic fall into the hands of his children. Tell them they must find their own. If you donít, you will only be defeating yourself. If you donít like this method or you canít do it, you can tell the player you will not allow him to play in your campaign until he either retires the character himself or lets you take away most of his magic. I know this sounds cruel, but sometimes it is necessary. If things get really bad, you can always blow up your world and start a new campaign. But, if at all possible, try to keep the character so busy as an NPC that any thoughts of adventuring are just pleasant memories of when he was younger. We all make mistakes when we first start a campaign. Correcting them is the hard part. Try to explain to your powerful players that the game balance is now lost and you would like their help in restoring it. I am sure if you ask them nicely, they will be glad to help. The game is supposed to be fun. If you are having a miserable time, why play? 
 24DR033 Dragon #33 Do Rangers and Paladins cast spells at their level or do they cast them as a first level? Would a 9th-level Ranger cast a spell as a 1st-level Magic-User or would he cast it as a 9th-level Magic-user?  He would cast it as though he were a 9th-level Magic- User. I donít agree with this, but I am informed that it is correct. I still think they should cast spells as a 1st-level Magic-User. 
 25DR033 Dragon #33 Do Faerie Fire spells have a cumulative effect?  Yes, but only in the amount of area covered; not duration, range or intensity of the lights. 
 26DR033 Dragon #33 If two Continual Light spells were cast in the same location, would a Dispel Magic negate both of them?  It depends. The caster of the Dispel Magic would have to roll percentile dice for each one to see if he successfully dispelled each one. Dispel Magic affects everything within its range. 
 27DR033 Dragon #33 If a crossbow bolt is Blessed for use against a Rakshasa, will the Bless last only for the duration of the spell, or does it last indefinitely? If it lasts indefinitely, and then hits a Rakshasa, does it lose the Bless?  The Bless will only last for the duration of the Spell unless a Permanency spell is cast upon the Blessed bolt. 
 28DR033 Dragon #33 How exactly does a Longevity Potion work? My DM thinks it is a permanent ward against unnatural aging, but is only good for one day against natural aging. Is it permanent against natural aging?  A Longevity Potion reduces age from 1-12 years. There is a 1% chance, if you have used Longevity Potions before, that the effect will be reversed and you will age. Otherwise, it restores youth, vim, and vigor. It can also be used to counter magical aging attacks and monster-based aging attacks. The entire potion must be consumed for it to work. 
 29DR033 Dragon #33 Is an invisibility spell cancelled when you fall on your face from tripping either over your own feet or from someone else’s number 13’s?  No. 
 30DR033 Dragon #33 Is a curse removed at death so that when you are raised it is no longer with you?  It depends on the curse. If it is for eternity, then you are stuck with it. If it isnít, then your DM will have to examine the curse and make a ruling. Remember, his or her decision is final. 
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