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 31DR033 Dragon #33 What would happen if you hit a Lich with a Rod of Resurrection?  The Lich would have to make a system shock roll if he is 120 years old or younger. If he is older than 120, then it would have no effect. However, if he is young enough and makes his system shock roll, he is resurrected, and you now have a mad, very high-level, evil Magic-User facing you. Either way, you have your hands full. Remember, the Lich loses all of his Lich abilities if resurrected. 
 32DR033 Dragon #33 May thieves use bows?  No. 
 33DR033 Dragon #33 One of my friends has a Cleric/Magic-User/ Fighter who is human. In the Players Handbook it says that humans are not limited as to what class they can become. Under the section on multi-class characters it says only halfelves can be Clerics/Magic-Users/Fighters. I say his human cannot be multi-classed and he says he can. Who is right?  You are. Humans can only be one class at a time unless they opt to change classes. For instance, a 7th-level Fighter decides that she now desires to become a Magic-User. She must not pick up her sword and use it again until she is a 7th-level Magic-User or she will lose any experience she would have gained in that adventure as a Magic- User. Once she reaches her level as that of a fighter, i.e. 7th-level Fighter, and 7th-level Magic-User, she may now use her sword, but she cannot wear armor and cast spells. Humans may become dual class and they are not limited as to how far they can advance, as are the other races who can become multi-classed. 
 34DR033 Dragon #33 Although the Players Handbook does not include them in the description of the Raise Dead spell, may elves and half-orcs be raised from the dead?  No, they cannot. They do not have souls, and therefore a wish must be used to bring them back. 
 35DR034 Dragon #34 Can a thief wear studded leather?  No. He can’t move silently because the studs will click on surfaces he touches, and they will add extra weight, making climbing up walls extremely hard. 
 36DR034 Dragon #34 I have just started playing AD&D and I don’t know what the following weapons are: Bardiche, Bec de Corbin, Bill-Guisarme, Fauchard, Fauchard-Fork, Flail, Glaive, Glaive-Guisarme, Guisarme, Guisarme-Voulge, Lucern Hammer, Partisan, Pick, Ransuer, Scimitar, Spetum and Voulge. Can you tell me what they are?  Alas, I don’t have the space to do so. However, all the weapons but the Pick and Scimitar can be found in The Dragon #22, in an article on pole arms. 
 37DR034 Dragon #34 Would a Periapt of Wound Closure heal or allow the healing of damage caused by a Sword of Wounding?  No. Only time and rest or a Wish will heal a wound caused by a Sword of Wounding. 
 38DR034 Dragon #34 First, my question is in two parts; are the statistics in the present Gods, Demi-Gods and Heroes correct for AD&D, and since there are no large-scale battle rules in the Dungeon Masters Guide, are the rules in Swords and Spells or Chainmail the official army rules? If not, what rules are recommended?  Gods, Demi-Gods and Heroes was written for Original Dungeons and Dragons. There is a revised edition being written right now by Jim Ward and Rob Kuntz. This book will be for play with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. There are no official rules for army battles in AD&D yet. We find that Chainmail works pretty well when we want to have armies fight each other. We are presently considering something along these lines, but it is in the beginning stages. 
 39DR034 Dragon #34 One of my crazy friends has a Cleric/Fighter/ Magic-User who also happens to be a human. In the Players Handbook under “human,” it says that humans are not limited as to what class they can become. Under the section on multi- classed characters, it says that only half-elves can be Clerics/ Fighters/Magic-Users. Am I right in saying that his human can’t be a multi-classed character?  Yes, you are. Humans can become dual class, but not multi-classed. Only demi-humans can be multi-classed. I suggest that you have your friend read the sections on multi-classed characters and a character with two classes on pages 32 and 33 of the Players Handbook. This should clear up all of his misconceptions. 
 40DR034 Dragon #34 Will you answer questions about Boot Hill, Divine Right, Gamma World, etc.?  No, not on my own time. I don’t play those games much. I have, but I prefer Q&D/AD&D. To have any questions in those areas answered, you will have to write to TSR and then they will see that the correct person answers your letter. 
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