Sage Advice Collection

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 41DR034 Dragon #34 If an evil Cleric is wounded can he heal himself? It is assumed that he can’t heal others as that would be a basically good act. What about a Raise Dead spell? Can he use that if he proves that his intentions are evil?  Yes, the cleric can heal himself and others as well. He helps keep those nasty critters (men) alive to further the purpose of evil. I know of an evil Cleric who helps keep a party in Cures. He benefits from it. He is rotten to the core and would kick his mother out of her home if he thought something could be gained from it. As long as the Fighters are doing their job and keeping him from being attacked, sure, he will adminster to them. You get more treasure if your Fighters kill more monsters, and they can only do that if they are alive. Besides, if a Cleric didnít pass out a few Cures and raise a few dead, he wouldnít have any worshippers to kneel before his or her god after a while. 
 42DR034 Dragon #34 Is there an anti-Ranger and an anti-Paladin in Advanced Dungeons &Dragons?  It depends. I say no, but others say yes. It doesnít say that there is an anti-anything in any of the Advanced D&D books. If you play straight by the books, there is no anti-Paladin or anti-Ranger. 
 43DR034 Dragon #34 I have the D&D Collector’s Edition, the four supplements, the Dungeon Masters Guide, the Monster Manual and the Players Handbook. My friends say that they are all different games, the hardbacks and the paperbacks. Is this true?  Yes, it is. Everything that says Advanced Dungeons and Dragons is meant to be played together. If it doesnít say Advanced, then it can be played with the Collectorís Edition. 
 44DR035 Dragon #35 Can a Magic-User cast spells while holding a dagger, staff or wand in one hand?  Yes, providing that he has two hands and the free one is able to fulfill the somatic requirements. 
 45DR035 Dragon #35 Can a character that failed to make his system shock roll while being resurrected still be brought back via a wish?  Yes. 
 46DR035 Dragon #35 Can you shoot arrows at someone attacking you in hand-to-hand combat?  No. 
 47DR035 Dragon #35 The Assassins’ Guild in my D&D town is after me because my henchman bought some poison, but not from the guild. He also pocketed the extra money he made from the deal. Is there any way I can talk to them without being killed?  This is an interesting problem. However, since I donít know the mythoi that your DM plays with and I donít know the henchman, etc., all I can say is, send them a message first explaining what happened and hope for the best. What happens next will be up to your DM. Good luck. 
 48DR035 Dragon #35 I read that Magic-Users automatically know the Read Magic Spell. Do Druids automatically know the Speak with Animals spells?  Druids are a sub-class of Clerics and therefore they pray for their spells. They only need to pray and meditate in order to know the Speak with Animals spell. 
 49DR035 Dragon #35 Can a Magic-user of an evil alignment cast a Protection from Evil around himself to protect him from other evil creatures?  Sure, he can. Just because he is evil doesnít mean he canít protect himself from others that are evil. Also, he can cast a Protection from Good, which will keep out good as well as enchanted evil creatures. 
 50DR035 Dragon #35 What should a DM do to control a player who constantly grabs up the magic treasure even though he didn’t fight the monster it belonged to? He even tries to run the game and tell everyone what to do, what spells the Magic-User and Cleric should take, and where they all will stand in the ranks. What is worse, is he can never accept the fact that he has died. HELP!  First, get your players to make up an agreement on how to divide treasure and then stick to it Next, tell them that if they like being bullied around that is fine with you. If not, then give them a hand, but a small one. You are a judge, not a referee for player-against-player battles. You can start by telling your unruly player that the spell casters are quite capable of picking their own spells. This also goes for where they want to be in the ranks and what they want to do. As for his unacceptance of his death, there is nothing you can do about that It is something in his own personal behavior pattern and you canít change it for him; only he can change it Then, when you have done all of this, encourage your players to handle their own problems. If they refuse to stand up for their rights, why should you?  
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