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 61DR036 Dragon #36 If you keep using a Ring of Invisibility, will you slowly become invisible forever?  My stars, no! That would make the ring too powerful. For something to bestow permanent invisibility to a character is making it much too powerful. Just go around doing anything you want without ever being seen? No, no? 
 62DR036 Dragon #36 If a party comes across a magic item, should one tell them it is magic? Would it feel magical?  Only tell the party that something is magic if they throw a Detect Magic spell on it. The only other way to find out is to pick it up and try it out. That might be dangerous, but thatís the way it goes sometimes. Never, NEVER, tell them, ďOh gee, it feels like a +2 sword.Ē Make them work to find out what it is, never just give anything away. 
 63DR036 Dragon #36 We had a bit of trouble last week with this problem: A lawful good Ranger was in our party and we came across a wounded Wyvern. He and the DM said he had to protect it from the rest of the party until it attacked him. What happens now?  I donít see what the problem is. If your DM said that the Ranger will protect the Wyvern, then I guess he will. All you can do is wait and see if the Wyvern attacks him or anyone else in the party. Simple matters similar to this are the sole responsibility of DMs. If a DM writes and asks this question, then I would give him an answer slightly different from yours. Otherwise, the DM is the final word in matters of his or her own campaign. 
 64DR036 Dragon #36 Does the spell Resurrection require a Constitution percentage roll? If so, does the character lose a point from his Constitution?  Yes, to both. However, some DMs donít make you lose the point. They only want you to keep track of how many times you have raised, and once you have been raised as many times as you have Constitution points you can no longer be raised. This way, you donít lose the benefit of extra hit points if you have a high constitution. 
 65DR036 Dragon #36 Why canít half-orcs be raised, especially if they are 90% human as the Players Handbook says?  The Players Handbook does not say that half-orcs are 90% human. It says that 10% of them (from which player characters are drawn) resemble humans enough to pass for one under most circumstances. Genetically, a true half-orc is always 50% human. Half-orcs cannot be raised simply because they do not have souls. I went right to the top for the answer to this one, and according to Gary Gygax himself, ďHalf-orcs cannot be raised-period.Ē 
 66DR037 Dragon #37 My character is a 9th-level Druid changed to a Magic-User (he is now 10th level as a M-U). I want to be able to put my previously owned Apparatus of Kwalish inside my newly acquired Mighty Servant of Leuk-O. Then I would have the ultimate weapon: If the need arose, I could abandon the Mighty Servant and escape via the Apparatus of Kwalish. My ability scores are Str 13, Int 18(83), Wis 18(90), Dex 12, Con 11, Cha 18(84) and MR 10 (mental resistance, a trait our group uses for psionic combat). He has an unbelievable 338 psionic points! Is it possible for my character to change classes a third time? He wants to become a Cleric. He is not content to just be able to cast Druid and M-U spells. Is there any way for this to happen? Also, if he changes alignment (not of his choosing) from neutral, does he lose his Druid powers? Our DM is very big on traps that change alignments.  Skip Williams picked up this letter to answer, and the next thing I knew he was scampering for a hiding place. Wondering what scared him (because not very much does), I picked up the letter. My first reaction was IIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!! No, I donít recommend that you place the Apparatus in the Mighty Servant. We donít believe it would fit, and your DM shouldnít allow you to do it even if it does fit. It wouldnít be possible to operate the Mighty Servant with the Apparatus inside it, and if your DM lets you do it, heís a fool. I think heís foolish anyway to let you have those magic items in the first place. Now, for your error concerning ability scores. The only score that may exceed 18 is strength. I donít know where you got the idea that others could. (Editorís note: Ability scores besides strength exceed 18 only in the cases of deities or legendary or hypothetical characters, such as those in Giants of the Earth.) As for the loss of neutral alignment, yes, your Druid ability would also be lost. Now hereís a question for you: Have you ever thought of retiring this character if you are so restless and want to keep changing classes? It is possible to have more than one character at a time in a campaign, you know. If you insist on changing, there is no reason why you cannot switch classes againóbut you canít become a Cleric, since you already are a Druid and Druid is a subclass of Cleric. 
 67DR037 Dragon #37 This is really a disgusting problem. At my school we have several different D&D campaigns and I donít like it when I come back to find that someoneís character has gone up 10 levels in one day, or has picked up lots of magic and then expects to play with this character in my game. I really donít think this is fair, because it took me 2 years to advance my Magic-User to 29th level. What shall I do?  When people mix their D&D games this kind of thing is bound to happen. May I suggest that you have people roll up a character to only be used in your campaign. Make a copy of this new character, update it yourself after each campaign; note each magic item the character has and each time it has died. This way, you can control advancement within your own campaign. 
 68DR037 Dragon #37 When a Magic-User casts Charm Person, must he know the personís language in order to command him after he has been charmed?  If the spell caster doesnít know the language and didnít think to bring a Comprehend Languages spell with him, then itís too bad. The M-U now has a charmed person with whom he cannot communicate. 
 69DR037 Dragon #37 When an Augury spell is cast, do the geminlaid sticks disappear, or can they be used over again?  Any material component used to cast a spell disappears as soon as the spell is cast, regardless of whether the spell is a Clericís spell or a Magic-Userís spell. 
 70DR037 Dragon #37 How long does the paralysis caused by a carrion crawler, ghast or ghoul last?  I have always assumed it to be 24 hours. However, since the duration of the paralysis is not clearly defined in any of the books, I suggest that each DM decide the duration in his particular campaign. 
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