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 671DR134 Dragon #134 D&D: How does a + 1 weapon help a character? How does a ring of protection + 1 help a character?  A + 1 weapon gives the wielder a + 1 bonus to hit and damage rolls. A ring of protection +1 gives the wearer a + 1 bonus on all Saving Throws, and improves the wearer's armor class by one place. 
 672DR134 Dragon #134 D&D: The rules say that a bag of holding can hold an item up to 10' long. Is this right, or should this be 10"? Also, is there a rule against placing one bag of holding inside another?  The measurements for a bag of holding are in feet; bags of holding are very big inside. There is no official rule against putting a bag of holding inside another, but it is reasonable to assume that the extra-dimensional space contained in one bag will not fit inside another. 
 673DR134 Dragon #134 D&D: If a character actually gets younger after drinking a potion of longevity, does he also lose experience?  No. Although the drinker does get younger, he loses no experience. 
 674DR134 Dragon #134 D&D: Is there any way to avoid being trapped by a scroll of shelter?  Characters are trapped only if they are in the "room" when the scroll is taken down or falls down. The characters can simply step out of the "room" and. take down the scroll any time before the scrolls 12-hour limit expires. If a monster appears and takes down the scroll, PCs in the "room" are trapped unless they get out before the scroll is taken down (Dungeon Masters Companion, pages 50-51). 
 675DR134 Dragon #134 D&D: Can the DM add creatures from the Masters Set to the egg of wonder?  The DM may add whatever creatures he likes to the list - including creatures from the Masters Set. We suggest, however, that you limit any additions to creatures with approximately the same hit dice or experience-point value as those already listed in the Dungeon Master's Companion, page 53. 
 676DR134 Dragon #134 D&D: Can an arrow of blinking blink past the enemy's first rank in order to strike spell-casters? Can it blink through a wall?  No, on both counts. A missile of blinking avoids creatures friendly to the shooter, thus allowing missile fire into melees. The missile does not negate the effects of cover or allow the shooter to fire at targets he can't see. 
 677DR134 Dragon #134 D&D: When you shoot a magical arrow or crossbow bolt, does it lose its magic?  Yes; firing the missile expends the magic. 
 678DR134 Dragon #134 D&D: Can any elf or magic-user use a crystal ball without instruction? If so, what is the chance for accuracy? Can a character use a crystal ball owned by another character?  All elves and magic-users know how to use crystal balls. A crystal ball always works when an elf or magic-user tries to use it, but the clarity of the image varies with how well the user knows the subject. If the subject is well known, the image is very clear and sharp, just as if the subject were standing on the other side of a window. If the user knows very little about the subject, the image will be faint and blurry. A crystal ball works only for its owner. 
 679DR134 Dragon #134 D&D: The Masters Set rules say that suit armor protects the wearer from most area attacks, including breath weapons. Does this include spells such as fireball and lightning bolt?  From fireballs, yes; from lightning bolts, no. Metallic armor offers no protection from electrical attacks. The armor protects the wearer from all other spells that produce nonelectrical energy. 
 680DR134 Dragon #134 D&D: Can player characters create intelligent swords or other magical items? If so, how?  Intelligent swords and other magical items are usually constructed by having a normal item of exceptionally high quality made, then enchanting it with wish spells. Several wishes are required to create even a simple magical item (see page 10 of the Master Players' Book for guidelines on wishes). When creating permanent magical items with wishes, a magic-user loses experience equal to the gold-piece price for the magical item (see the Master DM?s Book, page 4, for prices). 
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