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 81DR039 Dragon #39 If a character is killed by poison, does a Neutralize poison spell have to be cast on the character before a successful Resurrection is possible?  No. The Resurrection spell will take care of the poison if it is still in the body and still potent. 
 82DR039 Dragon #39 Aside from the obvious ones (pole arms and bows), which of the listed weapons are two-handed?  A battle axe, spear, morning star and bastard sword can be, and a bo stick, quarterstaff, two-handed sword and a trident always are. 
 83DR039 Dragon #39 Can centaurs read scrolls? Can a centaur leader have psionic ability? Can a centaur be raised from the dead?  Whether or not a centaur can read scrolls will depend on how the DM has the campaign structured. Perhaps such ability would be possible in centaurs with above-average (for centaurs) intelligence, as long as such a creature had some formal training in reading. Under no circumstances can centaurs possess psionics, nor can they be raised from the dead. 
 84DR039 Dragon #39 We have recently acquired a Ring of Regeneration. Our DM says that if a character lost a limb before putting the ring on, the ring will not regenerate the lost limb. Is this true?  Yes, it is. 
 85DR042 Dragon #42 Is it possible for a high-level Cleric and Magic- User to work in conjunction to create a moving Blade barrier? A Telekinesis spell would provide the motion.  The sixth-level Clerical spell blade barrier would not work for this. The Players Handbook describes it as a “whirl and flash in endless movement around an immobile point,” and the Dungeon Masters Guide reiterates this under Clerical Spell explanation as an absolutely stationary spell. This, however, does not mean that something similar to what you suggest is not possible to accomplish. You should work with your Dungeon Master on this. Ask him whether or not, after careful study of the section in the DMG on spell research, he will allow you to create a new spell, and, if so, what the requirements to research it would be (i.e. cost, materials, time, etc.). 
 86DR042 Dragon #42 I was glancing through my Players Handbook at the Weight & Damage by Weapon Type Table at the Notes. After the Morning Star explanation I saw, “includes Godentag and Holy Water Sprinkler.” I did some research on the Holy Water Sprinkler and found it to be of all things, a GUN! In D&D you aren’t supposed to have guns or even gunpowder. Why include it in the Players Handbook if it is a gun?  From Webster’s Dictionary: Morning star: Noun, translation of Gmortenstern; a weapon consisting of a heavy ball set with spikes and either attached to a staff or suspended from one by a chain; called also holy water sprinkler. The only use of this term to mean a gun which we are aware of is a modern nickname for a terrorist weapon that sprays large numbers of bullets into crowds. 
 87DR042 Dragon #42 Can a Cleric attack while turning undead? What happens if he/she is hit while trying to turn undead?  Clerics are empowered with the ability to turn away undead, the success of which is dependent upon the Cleric’s level and opportunity, since the Cleric must be in a position to place him/herself before the undead, have time to speak and display a religious symbol. This is his/her action for any such segment or round, and therefore prohibits also attacking at the same time. If the Cleric is hit while attempting to turn the undead, damage will be taken, but if he/she is not killed, the turning attempt will continue — unlike the spoiling of a spell that would occur if the Cleric were struck while casting. 
 88DR042 Dragon #42 Is the “life force” drained by a Sword +2 Nine Lives Stealer a life energy level, the victim’s soul, or what?  The “life force” of a being can be equated with the experience level of that being and should be treated just like the strike of a Wight (see Monster Manual, p. 100). 
 89DR042 Dragon #42 Are there limitations on the usage of such items as an Amulet of the Planes? If not, the character can merely speak a command word and blink out to his own alignment plane any time, right?  Amulets are powerful, arcane devices that are designed to be used over and over again. Because of their great power, there should not be many of them running around (one to a universal plane is enough). The action of running to another plane for safety is risky, when you consider that the other planes are populated by powerful beings who resent intrusion! 
 90DR042 Dragon #42 Can evil Clerics turn good creatures such as Lammasu and Shedu?  According to page 66 of the Dungeon Masters Guide, “ . . . A Cleric of the opposite alignment may attempt to negate the effects of a Cleric who has affected undead or other creatures.” This would seem to indicate that such turning or control is possible, but as with a paladin’s being turned, it should only happen between chaotic evils and lawful goods and chances of success should be roughly equivalent to the paladin turning system. 
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